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Mega Macs 42 compact diagnostic tool

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  • Specifications
  • Operator Video
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  • RAPS Ratings
  • Includes exceptional functionality, providing unrivalled performance with comprehensive vehicle coverage
  • Intuitive to use
  • No need for specialist training
  • Fast, accurate fault finding and resetting of service and vehicle feature indicators
  • Regular online updates to maintain latest vehicle data


Using Windows 7®

Windows 7 drivers for the mega macs 42 are available from the Hella website. Please contact Hella for further assistance

Warranty 24 months
Supply Voltage 12 - 18 v
Battery Charging Voltage 8,4 v
Current Cosumption max. 1 a
Display LCD-TFT 
Display Size 3.8 Inch
Storage Medium Flash 
Input Membrane Keyboard 
Working Range 0 - 45 °C
Weight 0.7 kg
Height 4.3 cm
Width 12.4 cm
Interfaces USB device, ST2 
Depth 20.9 cm
Type of Protection IP31 

The Mega Macs 42 used in the production of these video programmes shows the unit with version 37 software. Changes made to the Mega Macs 42 by subsequent software releases may not be reflected in the videos.

PG0301.00 - Introduction (04:07)

This short video introduces the mega macs 42. It includes a description of the ‘what’s in the box’ contents, how the unit is connected to a vehicle and the basic button functionality.

PG0302.00 - Main Menu (01:42)

Introduces the mega macs 42 main menu options and navigation keys.

PG0303.00 - Air Max Base Setup (03:15)

How to set up the air macs base and install the software. The air macs base provides a connection with the Mega Macs 42 to enable wireless printing

PG0304.00 - Diagnostics (06:19)

How to use the mega macs 42 diagnostics functions, identify and select the correct vehicle from the integral database

PG0304.01 - Fault Code (09:08)

How to use the mega macs 42 fault code functions – the process of scanning the vehicle for faults and how to maintain and erase the results

PG0304.02 - Parameters (06:46)

How to use the mega macs 42 diagnostic parameter functions and review component operating values

PG0304.03 - Actuator (03:06)

How to use the mega macs 42 actuator functions to activate specific vehicle components or systems

PG0304.04 - Service Reset (02:33)

How to use the mega macs 42 to reset the vehicle service interval indicator

PG0304.05 - Basic Settings (06:30)

How to use the mega macs 42 to put a component into a ‘basic setting’ and make any necessary adjustments

PG0304.06 - Coding (05:44)

How to use the mega macs 42 to re-code particular components as required

PG0305.00 - OBD (02:21)

How to use the mega macs 42 to interpret a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics and fault reporting position

PG0306.00 - Diagnostics Folder (03:07)

How to use the mega macs 42 diagnostics folder. The folder stores the last fifty activities carried out by the mega macs 42 and allows results to be reviewed

PG0307.00 - Settings (04:07)

How to review and amend the various settings held in the mega macs 42

PG0307.01 - Company Address Setup (02:40)

How to record or update company address information in the mega macs 42

PG0307.03 - Pairing Air Macs (01:05)

How to pair the mega macs 42 with the air macs base should it be necessary

PG0307.04 - OBD Lead Test (01:24)

How to check that the OBD2 lead is functioning correctly

PG0307.02 - Unit Updating (01:48)

How to update the mega macs 42 with the latest vehicle diagnostic information

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader v5.0 or above. Download a free version from Adobe.

Review By: T W K Thomas & Sons  Date: 29/10/2010

Good coverage of body control module. Better then existing tool. Additional information on faults with good back up data which helps with time saving

Ease of Use
Time Saved

Review By: Brockford ARC  Date: 29/03/2011

Excellent print outs

Ease of Use
Time Saved

Review By: Fix Auto Cardiff  Date: 23/11/2010

Gives good additional information on possible causes of faults and gets into vehicles which our existing tool didn't. Body control module access is exceptional for bodyshops.

Ease of Use
Time Saved

Review By: GVS  Date: 01/02/2011

Not having to put in keys is an advantage

Ease of Use
Time Saved

Review By: F.R.F Accident Repair Centre  Date: 26/10/2010

Very user friendly, easy to use with good data coverage

Ease of Use
Time Saved