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News - OE Bumpers introduced to the Autoclimate range!

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OE Bumpers introduced to the Autoclimate range!

Autoclimate invest heavily in time and effort researching new products to continuously develop the Autoclimate catalogue and that has resulted in the addition of aftermarket OE matching quality bumpers and more recently KYB shock absorbers to the range.

Now a very exciting development has happened. From February 2013 Autoclimate will be able to offer a range of genuine OE & OEM bumpers covering the Audi, Vauxhall, Mercedes-Benz, Jeep and Chrysler brands.

Simply contact Autoclimate and provide a vehicle registration or VIN number and we will match the parts you require to your vehicle using DVLA and dealer electronic parts cataloguing (EPC) information. A quote can then be provided, which will give you big savings off dealer RRP. 

The only difference you will notice is the price!

The genuine OE bumpers supplied in this new range are the same as if they were bought from dealer. All genuine OE bumpers from Autoclimate are primed in a light grey colour. The quality, shape and fitability will be exactly the same as from dealer and you won’t be able to tell the difference until you receive your invoice and benefit from the savings.

Offering the choice

The new range of genuine OE Autoclimate bumpers are of the highest quality, easily detected as OE thanks to the packaging, the OE code and it will be extremely easy to fit. They are manufactured off the same production line.

Although most aftermarket product is of a high standard, the majority is produced at a low cost and therefore the standard of the bumper is not that of the genuine OE option. Autoclimate will always make it clear if they are supplying genuine OE or an aftermarket part. However, the part you receive will be fit for purpose due to Autoclimate’s stringent supplier selection process.  Autoclimate’s non-OE range is of a high standard, see this article for details on the alternative range.

For more information on the new OE range please contact our parts department on 0345 50 50 900 option 1

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