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HFO 1234yf latest news

01/02/2013 12:34 PM

The deadline set by the European Commission stating that, up to the 31st December 2012 car manufacturers could still use R134a in new type-approved vehicles due to lack of availability of the new refrigerant, has now passed. Any new type-approved vehicles will now have to contain HFO 1234yf refrigerant at the point of manufacture, so these vehicles will start to become more common place on the UK roads.

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HFO 1234yf latest news

18/07/2012 03:53 PM

On the 18th April 2012 the European Commission declared that, due to the lack of HFO 1234yf availability from suppliers, car manufacturers are able to use R134a refrigerant to fill new type-approved production vehicles where technically possibly until and including the 31st December 2012. New type approved vehicles still have to be compatible with Directive 2006/40/EC i.e. able to use a refrigerant that has a global warming potential of less than 150.

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