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News - Long Lasting Powerful Performance

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Long Lasting Powerful Performance

Autoclimate have recently introduced to their product range the Schumacher PBI2212 battery booster which offers long lasting powerful performance and features the Hawker Enersys battery – the best performance battery available meaning a longer period of use before needing to be recharged.

‘Mine is bigger than yours’
The reason that a battery booster would be purchased is to start vehicles that will not start under their own power. There are almost as many different figures quoted on booster adverts as there are booster packs. Each manufacturer claims even higher figures for their products, a wonderful example of ‘mine is bigger than yours’. The question is which of the figures quoted are relevant?

The relevant information is the battery boosters’ ability to produce the starting current consistently and frequently. A high quality booster pack will be able to produce starting power long after its cheaper rivals have given up.

Hawker Enersys battery
It is generally acknowledged that the best battery for use in a booster pack is called the Hawker Enersys battery, its power output and longevity put it head and shoulders above the competition.

Typically a Hawker battery can be charged and discharged over 2,000 times compared to less than 1,000 for cheaper alternatives. A booster fitted with this type of battery will last longer and give greater performance.
Well thought out construction
Not only is the Schumacher Battery Booster powerful, it is has other features that contribute to making the job of boosting batteries easier. For example extra-long 1.3m cables and heavy duty replaceable clamps and an easy to access isolating on/off switch to ensure the booster is safe to use.

Independently RAPS* tested
Before the Schumacher Battery Booster was introduced into the Autoclimate product range, it was extensively tested through RAPS* – an initiative of Autoclimate which sees accident repair centres evaluate new product and provide independent feedback. This process dictates if Autoclimate adds the product to its range.

Every site that tested the Schumacher Battery Booster gave it positive reviews and rated it as one of the best battery boosters that they had used, offering excellent performance which they had not experienced with competitor boosters. One site started over 40 vehicles with flat batteries and did not have to charge the booster once, and the voltage reading still showed at 11.7v.

For more information on the Schumacher PBI2212 Battery Booster please call 0345 50 50 900 or click here to directed to the product page

*Contact Autoclimate for more information on RAPS or click here for more details

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