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News - The Growing Number of Hybrids on The Roads - The Solution

Last updated 17/07/2012 02:20 PM Article Ref: 1925

The Growing Number of Hybrids on The Roads - The Solution

The A/C systems in alternatively fuelled vehicles are different from those in standard combustion vehicles. Our final installment highlights recommended equipment that can be used to service A/C systems which use an electric compressor. Robinair have specially designed a dual oil RMS that can work on both types of vehicle

The AC788PRO has two independent oil circuits. Keeping the lubricants separate enables the machine to service vehicles with conventional internal combustion engines and hybrid or electric vehicles.

With an increasing number of alternatively fuelled vehicles being introduced, the AC788PRO has the flexibility and capability to give long service life in the workshop. 

The AC788PRO is a powerful, easy-to-use refrigerant management station. It automatically controls the recovery vacuum and recharging processes for oil, UV dye and refrigerant as well as filtering the recovered refrigerant. The operator only needs to identify the vehicle from the 4,000+ vehicle database, connect the hoses and the AC788PRO will do the rest, freeing up valuable time to attend to other work.  

This is the first Robinair R134a machine without  any valves on the control panel, preventing error prone manual processes and minimising hands on time, in compliance with car manufacturer's best practice and guidelines.

Large Class 1 pressure gauges make it clearer and easier to monitor a vehicle's condition and to diagnose any possible problems. In addition, a new system has been developed to monitor the pressure and temperature of the internal coolant tank, this helps the system recognise impurities helping prevent safety risks

For more information on the AC788PRO click here

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