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Software Developments

First introduced in 2001 by the company’s in-house IT team, Autoclimate software combines a deep understanding of business processes, with innovative and seamless functionality. The company’s clear goal is to ensure that high value benefits are achieved by the repairer, supplier and work providers.



Interceptor is an automatic estimate-to-parts procurement system developed by Autoclimate. It is fully proven with a well-established user base. In excess of one million estimates have been processed by Interceptor since its introduction in 2008.

Installed at the accident repairer – the client end, Interceptor interacts seamlessly with bodyshop management and estimating systems, free of operator intervention.  Following creation, each estimate is automatically detected by Interceptor and the line-by-line parts requirements, together with the vehicle identity information, are passed to the host system.

Interceptor applies repairer or supplier-specified rules to each estimate. Qualifying catalogue, word-matched parts are then presented on screen to the supplier for quotation. Additional vehicle identity information is automatically applied from integrated DVLA data to support parts validation.

The supplier uses Interceptor to prepare and verify the fully priced quotation. This is then sent to the repairer for order placement using the preferred channel – email or fax.




- Interceptor runs in background - zero operator effort required

- Supplier types - franchised dealers, independent or specialist parts distributors

- Operates with leading estimating systems, including - Audatex, Glassmatix and InterEst

- Totally independent of estimating, bodyshop or dealership management systems

- Flexible rule definitions to suit repairer or supplier profiles and preferences 

- Uses integrated DVLA vehicle data to clarify vehicle identity

- Supports ‘right first time’ parts identification 

- Enhances supplier and repairer trading relationship 

- Time-stamped activity and process audit trail

- Single or multiple supplier capability

- Standard management reporting – tailored output available on request

- Minimal hard disc space overhead required


 Future developments

The Autoclimate parts procurement development software programme continues to evolve. Current developments focus on introducing enhanced features and new functionality to meet the changing needs of accident repairers, parts suppliers, insurance companies and vehicle manufacturers. 

The quest is to continue to provide solutions which demonstrably improve efficiency, cost effectiveness and deliver measurable worthwhile improvements across the supply chain and business management processes.

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